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David Governo Featured in Federation of Defense & Corporate Counsel Text

Smith Duggan partner David M. Governo recently authored a chapter in a book about public speaking for attorneys published by the Federation of Defense & Corporate Counsel (FDCC).

Titled Owning the Room: Practical Tips & Advice From Some of the FDCC's Best Public Speakers, the text provides inciteful tips for lawyers and others who are seeking to improve their public speaking skills.

"Our success as advocates, counselors, and leaders, is contingent in no small part on our ability to communicate effectively, persuasively, deliberately, and passionately,” noted the publication’s editor, Frank Ramos, an attorney from Miami, Florida. “We want to inspire, motivate, raise up, and move others with our words, the force of our will, intellect, and imagination,” he added.

David addressed several key points in the chapter. When speaking to a general audience, he said that it is unnecessary to convey every detail about the topic. It is more important to reveal your personality and show the audience members that you are someone they would enjoy working with.

He also cautioned against relying too much on PowerPoint slides. “You want the audience to relate to you and not the screen.”

In addition, he pointed out that a good speaker should set goals for each presentation while maintaining a relaxed and friendly demeanor.

David’s advice underscored other suggestions presented in the book – to be relatable, to be genuine, to be prepared, and to connect with the audience.

“We asked our members for their best public speaking tips and they did not disappoint,” noted the publication’s editor in his introduction.

The FDCC is comprised of carefully selected U.S. and international civil defense litigators, senior corporate counsel, and insurance claims executives. The organization, which was founded over eighty years ago, is dedicated to promoting knowledge, fellowship, and professionalism within the legal profession.

David Governo is nationally recognized for his courtroom prowess in the fields of toxic torts, product liability, and complex building-related legal issues that include asbestos, lead, mold, insurance, and indoor air quality.