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Ken Wright Limits Step-Parent's Access to Child's Therapy Sessions and Clarifies Support Obligations

Attorney Ken Wright, a partner at Smith Duggan Buell & Rufo LLP, recently prevailed on behalf of a client in the modification of a divorce separation agreement that involved several complex and novel issues in which no prior binding authority had been applied.

In this contested matter before the Norfolk Probate & Family Court, and in a case of first impression, the presiding judge agreed with Attorney Wright’s position on the following points:

First, a step-parent may not attend a child’s psychotherapy session unless the child’s psychotherapist agrees.

Second, a step-parent does not have the right to access matters covered by a child’s psychotherapy privilege unless the child’s psychotherapy privilege is waived after appointment by the court of a guardian ad litem on the issue of privilege.

In addition to clarifying these points, the court also agreed that the word bonus in a court order is interpreted, for child support purposes, to mean any pay received above a person’s base pay.

Attorney Wright was the founder and first president of the Massachusetts Family & Probate American Inn of Court, an organization of top family and probate law trial practitioners and Probate Court judges.

He has decades of court experience representing clients in divorces, modification proceedings, and child custody disputes and all issues that are part of these proceedings including visitation arrangements, alimony, child support, and property division.

Attorney Wright is based at the law firm’s Lincoln office and can be reached at (617) 228 – 4448 or writing him at kwright@smithduggan.com.