Smith Duggan Buell & Rufo’s trial lawyers are accomplished advocates. They understand the difference that can make the difference — before juries as well as judges. Rigorous preparation, excellence in legal work and an unwavering commitment to our clients continues to be a proven formula for success.


The Firm’s trial lawyers are skilled in trying complex civil cases, with a focus on business, product liability, healthcare and insured-risk claims. Comfortable before juries and judges, the Firm’s attorneys also are sophisticated litigators who know how to assess risk and marshal evidence to avoid trial or to garner favorable settlements. Whether by developing a deep understanding of manufacturing science in a product liability case, or by comprehending the medicine in a healthcare case, or by achieving a firm grasp of business dynamics in a service industry dispute, our clients welcome our flexible and innovative approach to their litigation needs.


Our appellate group regularly prosecutes and defends appeals in civil cases before the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court and Appeals Court as well as the United States Courts of Appeal. Our attorneys have represented clients successfully in other appellate courts and have briefed and argued cases before the Supreme Court of the United States. The Firm has particular expertise in constitutional law issues, judicial review of government agency decisions, insurance coverage and product liability cases, as well as with single justice practice unique to Massachusetts.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

The quality and experience of Smith Duggan’s litigation practice ensures the proper balance when an alternative form of dispute resolution is desired. We work with each client individually throughout each matter and listen carefully. Often we can streamline litigation to resolve issues outside of court, achieving budgetary, public relations or other important client goals.