Paint and Coatings Litigation

Smith Duggan Buell & Rufo’s attorneys have over 20 years experience representing the paint and coatings manufacturing industry and retailers in Massachusetts litigation. The cases have spanned the entire range of claims that arise from the manufacture, marketing, and retailing of coatings and paint. Our legal experience is probably unique in this respect.

A major portion of this litigation has been defense of coatings and paint related products liability claims. We have defended many products liability lawsuits in Massachusetts state and federal courts concerning coatings in commercial and consumer contexts. These cases have included numerous types of industrial and architectural coatings, multiple coating systems, many different types of substrates (including concrete, metal, wood, plaster and many others), and paint related equipment. The lawsuits have alleged economic damages and personal injuries. The cases have ranged from large construction projects and industrial settings to single family homes. 

In these defense matters we have successful jury trial experience, successful bench trial experience, and successful summary judgment motion experience, in addition to the many cases, which have settled. Our attorneys have been retained to defend numerous paint and coatings products liability cases over many years and an excellent record of client satisfaction. Our attorneys have both insurance defense and self-insured defense experience. 

Our attorneys have also represented the paint and coatings industry and retailers in bringing lawsuits. These cases have been filed in courts throughout the Commonwealth of Massachusetts including almost every county in the state and federal Courts. A general overview of the issues in these claims includes: contract related actions, state construction project surety proceedings, Miller Act bond proceedings, lien litigation, and commercial collection actions.