Product Liability

Decades of experience, a track record of success and a clear eye on the clients' goals have helped grow our product liability practice to one of the most active in the Commonwealth. Smith Duggan lawyers have appeared in thousands of product liability cases spanning virtually every state in the Union and some protectorates, as well. We represent some of the world’s largest manufacturers as both coordinating counsel and trial counsel in cases involving the design and manufacture of a broad range of products, including electrical switches, metal halide lamps, motors of various sizes, home appliances, metal forming equipment, aircraft component parts, power tools, hand tools, transmitters and receivers, batteries and medical devices.

Representing clients who design, manufacture and distribute products begins with a comprehensive understanding of the engineering and scientific principles involved. Product design involves an array of choices made by highly qualified engineers after careful study. Very often, our attorneys already possess a thorough background in the design alternatives involved from decades of experience or education. Where necessary, we meet with those who made design decisions or visit the manufacturing plant to get, first-hand, the evidence required to fashion a compelling defense. Our lawyers take great pride in being the most prepared lawyers in the courtroom when a case goes to trial.

Success in handling products cases can be measured in many ways. Often, when a product design is attacked, the client may feel it necessary to defend the design before a jury. We are proud of the long record of successful jury verdicts we have obtained in many states. If the client determines that economic or other factors make alternative dispute resolution preferable, our reputation for trying cases often leads to prompt and cost-effective resolution of claims. Regardless of the goal, clients profit from our experience, reputation and courtroom successes.