Travel and Recreation Law

Our Travel and Recreation Law Group represents a wide range of clients, including tour operators, travel agents, cruise lines, airlines, study-abroad programs, summer camps, day camps, and travel offices of college alumni associations, zoos and museums. We defend tort, contract, vendor, employee, and other claims in state and federal courts as well as in mediations and arbitrations.

The cases we handle originate in this country and across the globe --anywhere our travel and recreation clients do business -- on safaris in Africa, motorcoach tours in Europe, bicycling trips through Italy, summer camps in upstate New York, student travel programs in South America, and cruises in the Caribbean or Mediterranean.

Our experience in travel law allows us to offer counseling to our travel industry clients tailored to their specific needs.  We are well-equipped to advise our clients on matters such as:

  • Contracts with suppliers
  • Terms and conditions in brochures or fliers
  • Disclaimers of liability with respect to acts or omissions of third parties
  • Use and enforcement of forum selection clauses and/or arbitration provisions
  • Assumption of risk documents
  • Employee contracts and relations
  • Dealings with government regulators
  • Compliance with relevant state and federal governmental regulations
  • Intellectual property issues

Our attorneys have unique, high-profile experience, including representing businesses in well-publicized disputes surrounding claims of wrongful death.  In a case arising out of the Palestine Liberation Organization’s high seas hijacking of the Achille Lauro, our attorneys were successful in obtaining rulings allowing a lawsuit for damages against the Palestine Liberation Authority over its claims, among others, of sovereign immunity and a successful settlement of our client’s claims against the PLO was achieved.

In sum, our Travel and Recreation Law Group offers inclusive guidance and support on all the legal ramifications impacting our clients’ operations.